Easily manage and view your fleet through the many features within the ontrack systems’ platform, which include: Fuel measurement, Geo-fences, Geo-routes, Graphic reports, Maintenance module (oil change, tuning, etc.)

Ultima Posicion

Last Location

View the exact location of your vehicle from your pc/computer or smartphone.

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Geo-fences and Geo-routes

Create virtual zones in the map and receive notifications when your vehicle enters and leaves the zone.

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Puntos de Interes

Points of interest

A specific location that the user registers to have a more practical control of the places the unit visits, without having to check the tracking report.

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turn off your vehicle´s engine from your computer or smartphone and decide when to reactivate it.

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List your vehicle's mechanical services and receive a reminder of when your vehicle requires that service again. (for example: oil & filter change, tuning, tire rotation, etc.).

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Reportes Programados

Programmed reports

automatically receive emails with the most important reports regarding the state of your vehicle.

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Multi Rastreo

Multi tracking

Simultaneously track all of your vehicles to know their precise location and be able to zoom in on them using street view.

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Control de Rutas

Route tracking

the ability to view the percentage of the route covered before reaching the vehicle´s final destination whilst allowing logistical improvements to your fleet's operation.

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Configuracion de Alertas

Alert settings

receive customizable notifications on your vehicle's status when it incurs a low battery, when the engine turns on/off, when it exceeds the speed limit of your liking, when it leaves a geo-fence, etc.

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